Monday, October 24, 2016

Convert 3D Blu-ray to 3D MP4 for Razer OSVR HDK 2 

Razer's first entry into virtual reality seems more promising on the software side, though making everything open source may bring problems of its own. If you can't afford a Samsung Razer OSVR HDK 2 or an Oculus Rift, now, get a Razer OSVR HDK 2. Wearing it, you just like step into a fantasy world with brilliant immersive viewing experience. Ever thought of enjoying 3D Blu-ray movies with OSVR HDK2. Have no idea about this? Don't worry! Here, in this article, you will learn how to get 3D Blu-ray movies into 3D MP4 for Razer OSVR HDK 2  for enjoyment with ease.

As far as I know, most Blu-rays are in the "frame packed" format which can’t be supported by Razer OSVR HDK2. If you would like to enjoy 3D Blu-ray movies with Razer OSVR HDK2, you should first transfer a frame packed Blu-ray to 3D side-by-side or top-to-bottom MP4/MKV files with Razer OSVR HDK2-friendly formats.

It’s not a big deal to rip 3D Blu-ray to 3D MP4 as long as you have this Blu-ray ripping tool, Pavtube BDMagic.

With it you can easily convert Blu-ray movies to 3D MKV/MP4/MOV/AVI/WMV and add 3D effect in Analygph, T/P and SBS; of course, you can also rip 3D Blu-ray to normal 2D for more widely use. To be more specific, it offers several settings to let you free change 3D effect at your needs. You can make 3D movies at home! Highly recommended to give a shot! Read Pavtube BDMagic review.


1. 3D effect on converted video is added by program; it may not be exactly the same as your original 3D blu-ray disc.

2. For Mac users: pls choose Pavtube BDMagic for Mac.

Tutorials: Rip 3D Blu-ray to 3D MP4 for Razer OSVR HDK 2 

Step 1. Run Pavtube BDMagic as the best 3D Blu-ray Ripper; load disc.

Click “Load files” to load blu-ray movie from ROM, blu-ray folder or import Blu-ray ISO file directly. There’s not need to run virtual drive to mount the ISO files; This 3D Blu-ray Ripper will recognize them automatically.

Because the subtitles are not hardcoded on the Blu-ray video, so we can choose the subtitles which you want to keep. Just click the drop down menu after "Subtitles", force subtitle can be checked for output so as to help you to read the unknown language and fully enjoy the Blu-ray movies.

Step 2. Choose format.

Click the “Format” bar and find “3D Video”, you will find several presets for MKV/MP4/MOV/AVI in Side-by-Side 3D, Top-Bottom 3D and Anaglyph 3D.  Here MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video(*.mp4) is most recommended formats, but you still need to check your device specification to choose one accordingly.

Step 3. Adjust 3D effect.

Click “Settings” to enter customize specs window; you can adjust resolution(size), bitrate, frame rate, 3D mode and depth here.

In order to get customized videos, you can add subtitles to your own videos.

Find "Edit" icon and then click it, you will find video editor. There you can Trim, Crop, Add watermark and Effect. Above all, Subtitle can be added here. 

Step 4. Start Conversion.

Click the big red “Convert” to start the conversion. Wait for a while and click “Open output folder” to locate the converted video easily.

Now get your Razer OSVR HDK 2 to watch your own 3D movies in on PC on your own couch as you wish! Have a nice time! 

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