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Rip and Stream Blu-ray/DVD discs for playing on HDTV with high quality

Want to enjoy Blu-ray and DVD movies through Apple TV on HDTV in the best possible quality? With Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper for Mac, you can easily rip and stream Blu-ray/DVD movies with high quality for playing on HD media players.
For enjoy high quality videos on HDTV via Apple TV, you can purchase HD movies from iTunes store, however, the price is high. Instead of purchasing from iTunes store, you can make good use of your Blu-ray and DVD collections. There are many different tools online that can help you convert your Blu-ray/DVD movies to HD media players' friendly formats. The problem is how to complete the conversion as well as preserve the high quality:

"I am looking for a software to burn DVD and Blue Ray movies that we own into our iTunes library so we may stream them via Apple TV without using the disc. Are you able to tell me which format is best for this purpose? I have nearly 1.5TB of storage so file size is not a concern. These will all stream to HD TV's so I want to maintain the best quality of the original discs. Thanks!"

Are you in the same dilemma and want to find a solution? Please go on reading.

Working as a Swiss army knife in Blu-ray and DVD ripping field, Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper for Mac removes the copy protection from your Blu-ray/DVD legally and convert to just about any video format. It offers a wealth of tweaking option to get the best possible file as a result, and even has pre-configured profiles built in that make easier for you to rip Blu-ray and DVDs in the right format for various of portable media devices like Apple TV, PS3, Xbox 360. If you're on a PC and want to get Blu-ray and DVDs to play on Apple TV and HDTV, please refer to Blu-ray Ripper to handle the task.

Now, we'll show you exactly how to get the Blu-ray and DVD into the format you want for Apple TV to playback on HDTV. — The fast and easy way even for a first time Blu-ray/DVD ripping with basic knowledge of computer.

Step 1: Load Blu-ray/DVD source

Insert and launch Blu-ray Ripper for Mac. Click "Load file" to import Blu-ray and DVD files.
After the files imported, you'll see an interface looks something like screenshot below.

All of the major functions are shown in front of you, including the options to check Blu-ray/DVD property, choose output format, edit the files, and preview the movies and several other options.

Step 2: Choose output format

Next you need to decide what format the resulting file will be. Click on the "Format" bar, it will bring up format panel. For the purpose of this tutorial, we just want to convert Blu-ray/DVD to Apple TV exclusively, so we pick "Apple TV H.264 (*.m4v)". If you own the latest Apple TV 3, "Apple TV 3 1080P Dolby Digital Pass-through (*.m4v)" should be the best choice.

Then, you might tweak the output parameter settings to get better video/audio quality before the Mac Blu-ray/DVD to Apple TV process. For the most part you can leave this alone; the default optimized settings should be fine as is.

Please keep in mind, the bitrate determines the output size.

Step 3: Start ripping Blu-ray/DVD to Apple TV file

Now you can go ahead and rip the Blu-ray/DVD. Simply hit the "Convert" button at the lower right corner of the window to begin ripping Blu-ray/DVD movie to Apple TV format. This will take a while, depends on the encoding settings, hardware of your Mac computer and the length of the Blu-ray/DVD file.

Step 4: iTunes stream the converted Blu-ray/DVD movie to Apple TV

The last step, after the conversion completed successfully, drop the file into iTunes' left sidebar, sync your Apple TV, and stream the movie on your HDTV!

Happy enjoying!


1. Get 30% off for New Year Promotion or share the Promotion to Facebook to get any Pavtube product 20% off.

2. Get bundle package to save money:

Blu-ray Ripper($49) + DVD Creator($35) = Only $49, Save $35

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Convert Blu-ray to MOV with multi-language for viewing on iOS device

This article tells how to convert Blu-ray to MOV with several languages (audio tracks), so we can watch them on iDevices smoothly. 
With more and more advanced features built-in Blu-ray technology, it seems Blu-ray has ruled Home Entertainments. One question is, when you want to play Blu-ray movie on your IOS devices with the option of switching audio tracks to get different languages, you will be frustrated by numerous Blu-ray protections and limitations.

Don't worry, this Blu-ray to multi-language MOV tutorial will help you out to backup Blu-ray to MOV keeping all your wanted audio tracks. So you can watch them on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch smoothly.

To accomplish all the tasks, Pavtube ByteCopy is really recommended. This ByteCopy works as the pro version of normal Blu-ray ripping tools, which is capable of rolling off Blu-ray protection and transcode your movie to MOV format with best quality.

Mac version is available here: Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac; well support Mac Mavericks!

Download a trial before purchase; or you can get 20% OFF any Pavtube programs by sharing to FB.

How to copy Blu-ray to MOV with multi-track for playback on iOS devices?

Step 1. Launch ByteCopy and load disc

Click the "Load file(s)" icon to import Blu-ray disc (need an external Blu-ray drive), Blu-ray ISO image files and Blu-ray folder.

Step 2. Choose Multi-track MOV

Click the "Format" drop-down list and choose "Multi-track Video>Multi-track MOV(*.mov)" for IOS devevices.

Step 3. Adjust settings (Optional)

Click "Format" to adjust video settings like video size, bitrate, frame rate, etc.
Switch to "Audio" tab, you can free choose wanted audio tracks and set the audio channel.

Step 4. Start conversion.

Back to main interface and click the big "Convert" to start converting Blu-ray to multi-track MOV for playback on iPad, iPod, iPhone. After conversion, click "Open output folder" to quick locate the converted video.

Transfer and watch Multi-track MOV videos on iDevices

1. Get a multi-track player installed on iDevices

Search words like "multitrack player" on App Store and you can find plenty of players that support multi-track mov. I use VLC Media Player for IOS so just show how it works in this guide:

Find VLC for IOS in AppStore and install it to your IOS devices.

2. Transfer your multi-track MOV videos to iDevices via iTunes.

Connect your iDevices to your Mac via USB cable, switch to App tab, find VLC icon, click "Add" to add converted multi-track MP4 into this app.

3. Play multi-track MOV movie with desired audio track with VLC on iDevices.

Open VLC app on your iPad or iPhone, find the transferred MP4 video and you are able to select any audio track when you watching the movie on iDevices.(Also read how to play Blu-ray in VLC on Mac with selected audios/subtitles)

Money saving bundles:

ByteCopy($42) + Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate($65) = Only $80, Save $27
ByteCopy for Mac($42) + iMedia Converter for Mac($65) = Only $80, Save $27
ByteCopy($42) + DVD Creator($35) = Only $60, Save $17
ByteCopy($42) + MXF MultiMixer($45) = Only $70, Save $17
ChewTune($29) + ByteCopy($42) = Only $54, Save $17
ChewTune for Mac($29) + ByteCopy for Mac($42) = Only $54, Save $17
ByteCopy($42) + Video Converter($35) = Only $60, Save $17

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Mothers' Question: How to give best DVD entertainment on InnoTab 3/InnoTab 2 for my baby?

As a mother, this article just want to help other parents out how to convert DVD movies for the InnoTab that is pulling there hair out over this. 
Like all mothers, I want to give all the best things over the world to my baby. In order to make my kids learn and have fun on their own tablet, I bought an InnoTab 3 which is designed to entertain children as they solve math problems, develop memory skills, and learn science concepts and so much more. 

Everything runs smoothly until I want to play some DVD movies on it for my kids. If you also have an InnoTab 3 or InnoTab 2, you will know that it do not support play DVD movies directly. The only way to solve the problem is convert DVD movies to the friendly format with InnoTab. Although my husband always converts our DVD collections to play on iPad with Pavtube DVD Ripper, I am not sure if it is suitable for Kids Tab. Just have try, I surprised found that it succeed! 
Now, I will show you how to play DVD movies on Vtech InnoTab 3 (it also suitable for InnoTab 2). 

Step 1: Download the trial version of Pavtube DVD Ripper or buy it now to enjoy New Year Promotion

Step 2: After you insert the DVD Ripper, launch it and load DVD movies with "Load file" icon. It also supports IFO image files. Below is the screenshot of the main interface after I load DVD movie. 


Step 3: Then you need to choose the output format. Although Pavtube does not have the specific profile for InnoTab as iPad, you could choose "H.264 Video (*.mp4)" format under "Common Video" 


Step 4: Customize the profile settings. You can adjust the video bitrate, frame rate, audio channels, etc. According to my experience, this step can be shipped because the original setting is enough. 



If your children begins to learn words, you could add some subtitles for the output videos so that they can review the words when enjoying the movies. 


Step 5: Click the "Convert" button to start the conversion. Just waiting for a while and then you will get the output videos. 

Step 6: Connect the Inno Tab to the computer with the USB cable, and then turn it on. Double click on your computer icon and then double-click on the drive letter for your Inno Tab. Double click on the "LLN" directly, then "MOVE". Copy your video into the directory. 

Note: Do not use the LLN program! Just copy it directly to the SD card. 

Unplug the USB cable and start your video program and the movies should be there ready to play. Hope this can help you as well. 

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2014 Top 5 DVD Movie Converter for Portable devices, HDTV and HD Media Players

Wonder how to copy or transfer DVD movies to your Portable devices, HDTV and HD Media Players for watching? This article will outline 2014 Top 5 DVD Movie Converter to help you rip stream your favourite DVDs for playback at any time. 
If you are any thoughts of home entertainment, you should not miss the idea of streaming your DVD collections to portable devices, HDTV and HD Media Players via home network. Better picture and sound quality and overall the ability to have the ultimate movie experience in your own home without emptying your wallet. It's a good way to share movies with family members without the risk of scratching discs; everyone in your family can create and access the shared movies; isn't it fantastic?

So how can we watch DVDs on Portable devices, HDTV and HD Media Players at home? Here I choose to convert my DVD collection most common format which could be accepted by most of your devices, and stream it for playback.

To accomplish this, you just need to find a powerful DVD Ripper to help you convert DVDs to Portable devices, HDTV and HD Media Players support format. Well, we’ve come up Top 5 DVD Movie Converter for Portable devices, HDTV and HD Media Players that will take care of your tweaking requirements of DVD playback.

1. Free Video DVD Converter Ultimate (Win/Mac)

Pavtube Free Video DVD Converter Ultimate is an all-in-one program which will provide you the ultimate solution to rip recent released DVDs and convert any video (including TiVo) and DVD to MOV, MKV, MPG, AVI without problem. Also it support adding external subtitles. The program is free as a time-limited offer.


  • Rip DVDs and videos to MOV, MKV, AVI, MPG, VOB, WMV, FLV, etc with fast speed.
  • Helps edit video and add SRT/ASS/SSA subtitles to DVD movies.
Price: 0

Requires: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1

2. DVD Ripper

Pavtube DVD Ripper, (30% off now) this is top DVD Ripper which can rip latest DVD discs/floder/ISO/IFO image files to any formats you need with super fast speed. Then you can transfer DVD movies to hard drive for freely watching on your Android/Apple/Windows tablet or smartphone, or other playable devices.

If you are Mac users, view Pavtube DVD Ripper for Mac; well support Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks!

  • Back up DVD disc to computer hard drive with original file structure.
  • Convert/Copy DVD disc, DVD folder, DVD IFO/ISO image files for playing 
  • Directly copy DVD movie content and leave out extras, commentary, etc.
  • Support embedding .srt, .ass, .ssa subtitles to a movie
  • Support latest releases of DVD disc.
Price: $24.5

Requires: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1

3. Blu-ray Ripper

Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper (Also 30% off) is highly recommended as one of the best BD/DVD disc handling tools on the market, integrates disc backing up and ripping skills to make it standout. If you are Mac users, view Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper for Mac; well support Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks!

  • Blu-ray Ripper + 3D Blu-ray Ripper + DVD Ripper
  • Full Disc Copy BD/DVD’s original file structure to BDMV/Video_TS folder with all subs tracks, audio streams and chapter information included
  • Directly Copy only BD/DVD main movie and leave out extras
  • Convert 3D/2D Blu-ray discs to 3D files in format of MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV, etc
  • Rip latest released BD/DVD Disc to Android/Apple/Windows Device
  • Add *.srt and *.ass subtitles into video part
Price: $34.3

Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1

4. ByteCopy

It's an easy-to-use tool to backup files from Blu-ray discs and standard DVDs to MKV container format with multiple audio tracks and subtitles included. More than lossless output, it is possible to recode the source movie into MKV/MP4/MOV/M4V video with certain video/audio codecs. Give it a try and you will be in love with it. If you are Mac users, view Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac; well support Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks!

  • Backup BD/DVD to MKV without quality loss. (Keep 1080p quality at 16:9 aspect ratio).
  • Convert/rip/shrink/copy latest Blu-ray/DVD movies for Android/iOS/Windows devices.
  • Allow full preservation of all audio tracks, subtitles and chapter markers.
  • Remove unwanted subs streams and audio tracks at will.
  • Preserve soundtracks and subs in multiple languages, e.g. English, Spanish, French, Deutsch…
Price: $42

Requires: Windows 2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1

5. Video Converter Ultimate

With this program, you can easily enjoy Blu-ray/DVDs movies on smartphone/tablets with family and friends; playback family’s memory video on computer &tablets &smartphones &other devices, or smoothly transfer your camera footage to editing program without any format problems, etc. All can be finished with this Video Converter Ultimate. If you are Mac users, view Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac; well support Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks!

  • Backup your Blu-ray/DVD discs for longtime preservation
  • Transfer Blu-ray/DVD movies to smartphones, tablets, Xbox/PS3, etc.
  • Convert videos/footages to various video formats
  • Change 2D/3D Blu-ray/DVD/Video to 3D videos for playback
  • 6X faster conversion speed
Price: $52

Requires: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1

Hope you love this roundup! Can you help me to share it for helping more guys? Thanks.

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Free DVD Ripper
Buy one Get one Free Promotion
20% off Video Converter for Windows/Mac

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CES 2014: Pelican's Pro Vault for iPad Air winner of best CES Award

CES 2014 saw a slew of protective cases for the new iPad Air in all shapes, styles, and colors. Finding a case that stood out from the crowd was no easy task. 


After looking closely at what seemed like hundreds of cases, the Pelican Pro Vault ($99.95) emerged as one of best cases for the iPad Air, and certainly the best case for the Air if you are looking for rugged, heavy-duty protection. 


Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a medical or construction worker, or a bathtub e-book reader, a rugged protective case can go a long way toward ensuring that your prized possession stays safe and sound. Right now one of the best, ultra-protective solutions you'll find for keeping your iPad Air safe is the Pelican Pro Vault. In fact, the Pro Vault for the iPad Air was recently awarded the iPhone Life Best of CES 2014 award, which is no small achievement. 

The Vault offers IP54 Military Grade protection, which translates to a case that is splash-proof, shock-proof, drop-proof and dust-proof. With its sturdy and tough shell, impact-absorbing internal cushioning, and sealed ports, the Pro Vault will protect your iPad from most potential damaging forces it may encounter. While it's not a fully submersible waterproof case, the Pro Vault (assuming its lid and ports are closed) can even withstand a temporary dunk in liquid, while keeping your iPad Air unscathed. 

I got to spend some hands-on with the Pro Vault at CES and came away quite impressed—and it takes a lot to impress this writer when it comes to rugged iPad cases. One of the features that I found especially appealing is the lack of a plastic touchscreen protector. This allows for the experience of interacting with the Air’s glass touchscreen to be fully appreciated. Whenever you’re not using your iPad, the Vault’s hinged screen cover folds shut providing complete touchscreen protection. The screen cover also serves as a convenient viewing stand for using FaceTime or movie watching. Overall, the design of the Pro Vault is well thought out and very effective at doing its job of protecting your iPad Air, come what may. 

Pelican is already well-known for producing rugged, extreme-duty protective cases for all kinds of gear, and their foray into the burgeoning field of iPad case is no exception. The Pro Vault continues the proud Pelican tradition of offering you some of the best iDevice protection on the market. The Pro Vault is also available for the iPad mini with Retina display ($79.95). If reliable and durable coverage for youriDevices is what’s called for, do yourself a favor and check out Pelican’s Pro Vault series.


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2014 Top DVD Copy - Copy DVD to Computer/PC/Hard Drive

Are you a movie fanatic with a DVD collection three stories tall that needs some backing up? Now I will give you the way copying DVD to Computer/PC/Hard Drive with the 2014 Top DVD Copy.
Like all physical media, DVDs don’t last forever. Even a small scratch can mean a quick end to a DVD’s life. Friends and relatives aren’t exactly reliable when it comes to returning discs they’ve borrowed or rented. And sometimes they just break. DVD copy software enables you to back up your movie library so you don’t have to repurchase movies you already own.

With so many DVD Copiers available on the market, it can be tough to know exactly which DVD copying program to choose. Here I will recommend you 2014 Top DVD Copy- a powerful DVD Ripper and Copier.

According to its official website, Pavtube DVD Ripper is designed as a professional DVD converting program which works with 1:1 backup solution and convert DVD to Apple/Android/Windows Devices for watching, etc.

Well I haven't got the chance to try every profile, but it's really the best DVD backup tool I've met ever; I mean it's ease of use, not fuss and simple to follow. This best DVD Ripper can rolls off DVD disc protection, supports loseless 1:1 DVD backup and keeps all the disc titles and chapter structure perfectly.

Don't you like to have a try?

They provide free trial (no time limitation) before purchase; and you can reach the Mac version here (Also 30% off now).

Copy DVD to Computer/PC/Hard Drive with best video quality

Step 1. Run Best DVD Ripper and import disc.

Click this icon to load disc from ROM, IFO/ISO or folder. I also noticed if you have a ISO file to import, it will recognize the ISO file automatically with no need to run virtual driver and mount ISO files firstly. Good design.

Step 2. Choose format.

Click "Format" drop-down list and choose proper format for different using.

For instance, if you simply want to back up DVD to external hard drive, here are two solutions:

1. Click the "computer" icon on the top to output 1:1 DVD file exactly the same as original.
2. Select "Copy>Directly Copy" in format list to output an intact m2ts file of the main title.

For people who want to watch DVD on Apple/Android/Windows devices, you can choose "Common Video > H.264 Video (*.mp4)”, or select corresponding video from “iPad” or “Android” or other option, to get a suitable video compatible with your device.

Step 3. Change video specs. (Optional)

If you are not satisfied with default specs, then click "Settings" to enter Profiles Settings windows. You can customize video frame rate, bitrate, size and other settings freely.

(It does not work for directly copy)

Step 4. Start conversion.

Click the big red "Convert" to start backing up or converting your DVDs. Usually backup will be quicker because it does not need to do trancoding.

After the conversion, click "Open output folder" to quick locate converted files. Connect your hard drive to computer and transfer them into it.

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The 30 Best Films of the Decade

We’re all in that humanistic mode of evaluating our lives – coming up on the end of the year and the last time a zero will be the third digit on our calendars. We’re all (from Variety to Cat Fancy) also waxing expert on what films were the best of the best of the best of the past ten years.

Which is why there is an unnavigable sea of opinion polluting the internet right now. Neil and I thought, ‘If everyone else is doing it, why can’t we? And why not do it better?”

You may ask (since I’m forcing you to rhetorically), “How can giving your opinion be better than everyone else’s tepid version of an almost-arbitrary-seeming list?”

I’m glad you asked.

Neil and I anticipated this task back in October and began planning what would become far too much work for two people who essentially sit around watching Animal House all day. Still, despite the cyclopean nature of the beast, we dug our feet in and compiled just over 3,000 films that were released from January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2009 (the future!).

We then forcefully shoved that list into an algorithm that neither of us understood (which is why I got my Masters Candidate in Applied Mathematics Friend to construct it for us (and why we didn’t scoff when he charged us $20 and our Powder Blue DVD for it)).

The algorithm, which we’ve nicknamed Simon, spat out just over 300 films, reducing our master list by 90%. Then, the brutal stages of cutting came where Neil and I would agonize over which movie’s locker to leave a red flag in and which ones would continue on to the next round.

After 6 cutting sessions and over 4 hours of arguing, we’d chopped the list down to 60. From there, the real heartache began as we saw films we loved scratched off the list. Also from there, we employed a new tactic which will, like the secret herbs and spices, remain veiled in mystery. A hint: the process involved paprika.

Drooling and exhausted, Neil and I emerged from the fray with the 30 Best Films of the Decade. 4 documentaries. 12 comedies. 13 dramas. 5 in-betweens. 9 foreign. 6 fuck-the-establishment choices. 3 sci-fi. 1. horror. 3 from 2000. 1 from 2001. 2 from 2002. 4 from 2003. 4 from 2004. 2 from 2005. 5 from 2006. 4 from 2007. 3 from 2008. 2 from 2009. A sprawling list, and most likely, the most balanced of all decade examinations.

We can’t wait to do it all again next year when the decade is actually over.

But for now, debate, discuss, curse at, fawn over, and let the warm glow of great film wash over you like a much-needed cinematic baptism.

These are The 30 Best Films of the Decade:

30. The Bourne Ultimatum

No super-spy has touched the world of cinema quite like Jason Bourne in this decade. He made James Bond (until the onset of Daniel Craig in the role, at least) look like a relic. He also made Matt Damon a bona fide star, and sadly, Paul Greengrass’s shakey-cam technique a norm. Either way, his third adventure was his most brutal and captivating, a fast-paced race toward an identity found. In this third frame, Bourne’s journey was finely tuned, kinetic and propulsive experience – certainly the peak of action seen in this decade. -NM

29. The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

There are geek films, there are films about geeks, and then there are both. Yet the existence of King of Kong works in a way that transcends all of these geek themes, rising above to be a documentary about something geeky, made for geeky people, that also plays like an epic battle of good and evil, fit for an audience of everyone. Instead of making a doc about playing video games, director Seth Gordon gave us the essential modern-day David and Goliath story, filled with laughs and tears and every emotion in-between. -NM

28. Son of Rambow

Charming isn’t even an apt starting point for describing the second film from director Garth Jennings. Through the story of two unlikely friends and their quest to make the perfect Little Tikes version of First Blood, he captured the essence of childhood friendship, bonds that transcended class or religious background. He captured a story on film that felt natural while being fantastical, was honest while being impressively creative, and was at its core, truly heartwarming in every way. This is what great movies do, they move you. -NM

27. 28 Days Later…

Through all of the zombie and vampire-crazed filmmaking that occurred in this past decade, the finest example is in the gritty, realistic, virus-ridden world created by director Danny Boyle. He went on to win a Best Picture prize with Slumdog Millionaire, but with 28 Weeks Boyle delivered an intensely scary experience that rivals any slasher, any vampire flick or any bit of torture porn that this decade could produce. -NM

26. The Five Obstructions

Pretend for a moment that you met your artistic idol. You’d torture him, right? If you were really his friend you would. Which is exactly why Lars Von Trier forces Jorgen Leth to remake his first film repeatedly, under stricter and stricter circumstances. At one level, an exhausting insight into the hand-wringing of moviemaking, and on the other, a philosophical look at why we create at all. Both elements are blended perfectly with two insane Danish directors that left us confused and hungry for lobster. -CA

25. The Devil and Daniel Johnston

As far as documentaries go, it’s difficult to create a better portrait of a troubled mind than the one made by this film. Not only an indie music lover’s siren song, the flick is a revealing character study of a simple man whose complicated brain keeps him isolated from the rest of the crowd. This rare glimpse inside that world is taken to the pinnacle of intimate documentary-making and also manages to question if great music is really worth the personal torture. -CA

24. Thank You For Smoking

Before Jason Reitman was telling of impregnated teens and the ultimate corporate road warrior, he was honing his skills with this sharp, satirical look at one of our nations great domestic wars – sense vs. the tobacco industry. At its heart, this film delivers the breakout performance of Aaron Eckhart, who would later go on to throw weight around in another movie found later on this list. Here though, he’s a wry, despicable fella who is oh-so-delightful, just like his director’s debut. -NM

23. District 9

Science fiction never saw it coming. At Comic-Con in 2007, the halls of the San Diego Convention Center warned us with ‘Humans Only’ signs from a mysterious district. And in 2009, as the world awaited James Cameron’s game-changer Avatar, a first time director from South Africa named Neill Blomkamp shocked and awed the world with his inventive, guerrilla masterpiece District 9. Made for $30 million under the tutelage of Peter Jackson, District 9 was perhaps the most inventive work of science fiction – one that smashed together cultural relevance and groundbreaking alien effects – a perfect storm of vision, character and intense action. It was a geek’s wet dream, and one of those rare sci-fi films that will be relevant well past this decade and the next. -NM

22. Hustle and Flow

This film about the depression of failure and emptiness of dreams is probably the truest portrait of blues and hip hop music making ever burned into celluloid. Director Craig Brewer dropped us right into the dilapidated shanty house of a pimp in a world where nothing came easy. The greasy sweat of Memphis all but poured out of the screen while Terrance Howard made the role and the audience his bitch. And then, he somehow managed to get Three Six Mafia a fucking Oscar. -CA

21. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

At a certain point this decade, a director pushed aside family film sensibilities, said, “I got this one, guys,” and man-handled the world’s largest cultural phenomenon into his own brand of beast. Making a great film is one thing, but elevating something beyond its children’s book roots (not to mention doing so in line with the tone of the source material) is a juggling act lesser directors have lost bowel function at the sight of. No wonder Alfonso Cuaron appears on this list twice. -CA-

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Never Lost Data with Newly Released Pavtube iOS Data Recovery

Summary: Pavtube iOS Data Recovery is newly released for iOS Device users to recover lost data from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iTunes Backup files.

Pavtube iOS Data Recovery 1.0.0 (Windows Version) is newly released for the new coming year. iOS Device users with any generations of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch can now recover lost data either directly from iOS device or from iTunes Backup file on Windows or Mac.
  Price: $59.95

iOS remains more popular than Android for holiday shopping in the US according to MacRumors. And iOS attracts Apple lovers of all over the world with its stability, no crapware, well-designed & intuitive user-interface, etc. But one still may encounter data loss by false configuration, device stolen, water damage, factory settings restoration, failure to update or jailbreak, etc. which are all frustrating. Pavtube developers found solution to help people who want to recover lost contacts, photos, videos, call history, SMS, iMessage, notes, reminders, and more.

"I have many friends using iPhone and other iOS devices. Some of them asked me for help when they deleted data unexpectedly," said Anda Wu, the software developer, "After some research, I finally found that the deleted data are actually stored in other ways on the device and in iTunes Backup files and can be recovered. And then it comes to my mind that we can develop an easy tool to recover lost data and help those who felt depressed on this."
Pavtube iOS Data Recovery is thus developed and released at a special point of time to help users in the fresh new year of 2014.

"It not only recovers 7 types of data, like lost contacts, notes, call history, and Safari bookmark directly from the device, but also recovers 11 types of data including images and videos from iTunes Backup files," continued by Anda. "And we minimized the process into only three steps: connect (or choose iTunes Backup file), scan, and recover."

"Pavtube iOS Data Recovery will be a wonderful saving for iOS device users to recover or backup data. And we are preparing for future updates to make it be able to recover more data."
 concluded Anda.

To learn more about Pavtube iOS Data Recovery, please visit

Safe Free Download Pavtube iOS Data Recovery for Windows or Mac 1.0.0:

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Top 5 Windows Media Player Alternatives

Here I just list top 5 best free media player software which can be the alternatives of Windows media player. Read on and pick up one to get the best video experience. 
Windows Media Player is a media player and media library software created by Microsoft, which is available for Windows operating system. It supports playback of audio and video, as well as viewing of images.

However, as for the limited video formats and lack of certain features of built-in windows media player, you might want to find the third-party media player for windows as the alternative of WMP. There are a variety of different players out there to suit your own personal interests and needs. Now this article will introduce five free alternatives to Windows Media Player that support multiple file formats.

1. VLC media player

Hands-down one of the best multi-format media players out there, VLC supports a wide range of file formats. Beginner users will appreciate the simplicity of VLC's interface. More advanced users can take advantage of the player's hotkey support, as well as the ability tointegrate VLC with web channel streaming services. is a good example, which will give you access to a variety of different channels and programming such as ESPN and National Geographic. The player also plays BluRay and HD.

VLC Media Player is available for both PC and Mac.

2. UMPlayer

UMPlayer is based on another solid multimedia player, MPlayer. It's a player with a minimalist interface that's arguably more stylish than the player it was based on, which makes for a great user experience when listening to audio or watching videos. UMPlayer can play online TV and radio stations and offers a built-in search feature that lets you find videos in YouTube and stream music via Shoutcast. It's unlikely you'll have difficulties playing any media file, as this player includes more than 200 codecs. UMPlayer can also take screenshots of video files and supports subtitle downloads for foreign language movies.

UMPlayer is also available for both PC and Mac.

3. KMPlayer

Another multimedia player that supports a large range of formats, KMPlayer is also incrediblylight on resources. This makes it the perfect player for PC users with little space to spare. KMPlayer boasts a minimalist interface with subtle aesthetic touches. One of these involves the player's color changing with every new track played.

KMPlayer is highly customizable as well, with the ability to choose skins, add plug-ins and change playback options. You can even change picture properties, sharpen video images, apply filters and take video captures through the processing tools KMPlayer provides.

KMPlayer is only available for both PC, no Mac version (or you can get KMPlayer Mac Alternative).

4. QuickTime

This is another option that you can use for playing media files on your computer. QuickTime was developed by Apple but it is not just available for Mac but for Windows users as well. The good thing about this program is that is supports wide selections of media formats so you are most likely be able to play audio and video, as well as view images without problems or without having to install codec.

QuickTime is also available for both PC & Mac.

5. RealPlayer

RealPlayer comes with a basic free version and a pro paid version with the latter having more features than the free one. If you want the basic media player feature, which is to play media files, the basic versions would be a good free alternative to Windows Media Player. It supports the most common media formats, though you can install plug-ins to play other formats, as well as get additional features such as audio enhancements, skin creators and visualizations.

RealPlayer is also available for both PC and Mac. 

How to play videos by Windows Media Player

However, if you still prefer to use Windows Media Player but the video you are trying to watch is not supported; a work around would be to convert the video into a supported format. With this, you can use Pavtube Video Converter.

This is an easy to use video converter that let you convert various videos to proper format for playing and editing with fast speed and high video quality. It supports adding *.srt and *.ass subtitle, and allows you to edit video files by trimming (set starting time and ending time), cropping (set aspect ratio) and adjusting video effect (brightness, contrast and saturation) and setting (Resolution, Bit Rate, Frame Rate and Encoder). Simply add the video file, select a format supported by Windows Media Player and start the conversion.

Having viewed the five listed functional and easy-to- use free Windows Media Player Alternatives, do you have your own choice? Do you think they actually outperform some of the expensive premium media players out there on the market? Now get the best one to perform your perfect video playback!

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