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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Watch Blu-ray Movies on iPad Pro at Christmas Party

Christmas day is comming soon. Are you seeking for a Blu-ray to iPad Pro Ripper when the Boring Party Time? The iPad Pro is Apple's largest iPad yet, with a 12.9-inch 2732 x 2048 resolution display, a powerful A9X processor, a super slim design, and a four-speaker audio system. The 12.9 inch screen makes everything you do - editing 4K video, designing presentations, running a business, easier, faster, and more engaging. With that in mind, it is tempting to get this glamorous gadget for watching Blu-ray movies and videos on its HD retina display. 

Although the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Retina display, it is still unable to play Blu-ray Disc. To save Blu-ray on iPad Pro for convenient access, you will first need to remove Blu-ray protection, then transcode Blu-ray to iPad Pro supported video files workable MP4 format. Here, you might consider BDMagic for Mac. We haven't used it, but user reviews are very good. Read the review.   

Tips for Apple users to know Supported Formats: Best Formats for Mac | Apple TV Supported format | iTunes Supported format | iPad Mini 3 Best Video Formats | iPhone 6 Video/Audio Formats

Pavtube BDMagic for Mac such an all-in-one Blu-ray to iPad Pro Converter on Mac that can accomplish this in a few clicks. It's great for newbies that are blown away by format settings like codec, resolution, bit rate, frame rate, audio channels, etc. The app, unlike most BD/DVD ripping software, features intuitive interface and provides users with presets for all popular iPad models. (yet it allows you to adjust the bit rate, frame rate, etc of preset formats as long as you like). The Windows equivalence to convert Blu-ray on iPad Pro is Pavtube BDMagic

Now, just free download Blu-ray to iPad Pro Converter: 

How to rip and copy Blu-ray to iPad Pro friendly video Formats for viewing

Step 1. Load Blu-ray to Pavtube BDMagic for Mac.

Run this Pavtube Blu-ray to iPad Ripper, click the top left icon, you can choose to import Blu-ray/DVD from ROM with BD drive, Blu-ray/DVD folder or Blu-ray/DVD ISO/IFO. It will check the main title by default; moreover, ISO files could also be recognized automatically so that you no longer need to run virtual drive to mount it.

Step 2. Choose MP4 for playing on iPad Pro. 

Under "Format" menu, there are lots of video formats. Move your cursor to "iPad" category to choose "iPad Video H.264(*.mp4)", or you can try the small search box on the bottom right corner and select the exact output formats for your iPad. 

P.S. If you want to copy DVD onto Seagate wireless plus hard drive, select "Common Video > H.264 Video(*.mp4)".

Step 3. Start Blu-ray to iPad Pro conversion.

Click big "Convert" button to start conversion. It won't take much time for conversion and then you will get the converted mp4 once completed. Hit "Open" button you will go to location of generated files. Then, you can streamconverted video files to iPad. Now you can directly play Blu-ray on iPad on the go as you wanna.

More features in BDMagic for Mac:

* Full Disc Copy can 1:1 backup the whole Blu-ray/DVD disc with original structure including chapter markers.

* Directly Copy will backup 100% intact Blu-ray/DVD main movie with all the multiple tracks excluding menu.

* You can edit the BD/DVD video before conversion including trim, crop, effect, etc, add *sst and *ass subtitle into video part and so on. 

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Top 5 Thanksgiving DVD Movies Ever to Rip to iPad Pro for Playback

Thanksgiving is approaching rapidly, will kids veg out watching Macy's Day Parade or play outdoors as usual? It's great to get together with the family after Thanksgiving dinner and watch a Thanksgiving movie. If you want to spend precious time together, we take delight in being of some serviceHere are top 5 best Thanksgiving movies for kids to get them into the spirit of the festival. 
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1. Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)

When Thanksgiving is coming up, a man who struggles to head for home accidentally meets another man who seems to live in a world governed by a different set of rules, and they have to share a three-day odyssey of misadventures.

“Planes, Trains and Automobiles” is without a doubt not only the best Thanksgiving themed movie of all time, but one of the greatest comedies of all time, though 27 years have past.
2. Home for the Holidays (1995)

Nothing seems to be going right for Claudia Larson at the moment. Get divorced, lose job, be complained of the discipline by her daughter…She has to face spending the Thanksgiving holiday with her family, and she wonders if she can survive their crazy antics.

When watching this film you may can’t help noticing the similarities to your family. The craziness, the fights, I mean everything. It is a funny, insightful, and realistic film.
3. Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)

Between two Thanksgivings, Hannah's husband falls in love with her sister Lee, while her hypochondriac former husband rekindles his relationship with her sister Holly.

We’re caught up in this story of three sisters, their loves, hatreds, excitements, and struggles from the beginning to the end. It is regarded as one of Woody Allen’s top 10 films.
4. The Ice Storm (1997)

Thanksgiving weekend in Connecticut in 1973, two families are plodding on with their problems, kleptomaniac, sex addict, social misfit, absentee parent, depression… From this movie, we can learn how to bind family members together and how to be a better husband, wife, daughter or son.
5. The New World (2005)

Pastoral landscapes, swelling instrumentals and gripping story make "The New World" a compelling recount of the Thanksgiving settlers we've heard about since early childhood. Intense, and sometimes unflinchingly poignant, this movie is worth a watch, or chew repeatedly.

How to Watch Thanksgiving DVD Movies on iPad Pro

The large screen and high-resolution display make iPad absolutely perfect for watching DVD movies on Thanksgiving night. However, same as iPhone, iPad doesn't have a built-in DVD-ROM or DVD player, which means you can’t directly play Thanksgiving DVD movies on iPad. To watch Thanksgiving DVD movies on iPad, you have to remove the DVD copy protections and extract the DVD content to video file at the same time. Then a Thankgiving Movie DVD Ripper is needed. 

When it comes to ripping DVD to iPad Pro, most of you are likely familiar with the excellent yet free application–Handbrake. However, as a free DVD ripper and video converter, Handbrake has some limitations, for instance, it cannot rip encrypted DVD movies with the third party software and the output video formats are refined to MP4 and MKV. So you’ll need to look for a Handbrake alternative to convert DVD to iPad Pro regardless of the DVD copy protection

Playing DVD on iPad Pro is a brilliant way of enjoying high-quality movies and making good use of existing DVDs. Meanwhile, Pavtube DVDAid/DVDAid for Mac enables you to play DVD on iPad Pro with No.1 fast ripping speed while removing all copy protection in commercial DVD discs. This means you can rip any hottest DVD to iPad Pro smoothly, such as DVD Maleficent, Transformers Age Of Extinction, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and other DVD movies you like. Most importe, this program constantly upgrade to support the newest devices like iPhone 6S, iPad Air 2/Air 3, iPad Mini 4/Mini with Retina display, iPod touch, New Apple TV, Apple TV 3/2/1, etc on Mac without any other program assistance. Read the review

The following is a step-by-step guide teaching you how to rip and convert DVD to iPad Pro on your PC/Mac computer. 

Free Download top DVD Ripper for iPad Pro: 


Other Download: 

- Pavtube old official address: 
- Cnet Download: 

1. Launch the best DVD to iPad Pro Converter, click the “DVD disc” icon to navigate the videos. You can also add ISO file, IFO file or DVD folder. Press the selected main title you can preview the whole DVD movies on the preview window on the right, which works like a media player. 

Step 2. Choose the output format for iPad Pro 

Click on “Format” box, a list will appear, you can easily find the “iPad” category, to enjoy DVD files on iPad Pro with 1080p image quality, you are suggested to choose “iPad > iPad Full HD Video H.264(*.mp4)” format for output format. 

Step 3. Optimize output profile parameters 

You can configure the output video parameters by clicking Settings. For iPad readable MP4 videos, you can just resolution, codec, frame rate, etc. iPad Pro resolution is 2732 x 2048, so you can adjust video size to larger, but no larger than 2732 x 2048. 

Step 4. Start DVD to iPad Pro conversion 

Start the conversion by clicking on the green arrow start conversion button on the interface of this converter. After it completes, click the “Open” button on program interface to locate the created MP4 file, and transfer the converted files to iPad Pro with iTunes. 

So powerful DVD ripper, so easy to play DVD movies on iPad Pro, have a try and share. 

Additional Tips: 

Great News!!! Pavtube Software officially released its 2015 Thanksgiving Deal. UP to 50% off is provided lasting to November 25. Don't miss it! And find more 2015 Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday Holiday Cyber Monday Crazy Promotion at Pavtube Facebook.  

Whether you’re in an attempt to make up for having missed the movies or come back from a second viewing, just rip the DVDs to your handheld iPad to share these huge masterpieces with your family on Thanksgiving night. What you will be rewarded are not only the happy family Thanksgiving hours, but also the affection to each other sublimated into a whole new level. You will be aware that nothing compares to the spending time with your family. 

Still have trouble about ripping Thanksgiving DVD movies to iPad or other devices? Please feel free to Mail Us >> Windows Email: Mac Email:
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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Copy 3D Blu-ray to ATV 4 - Stream 3D Blu-ray to 2015 Apple TV

Q: “ I am trying to encode some of my 3D rips to play in 3D on my Apple TV 4, but Handbrake is only encoding the image in 2D. I know the 3D is part of the MKV file, but I can't figure out how to encode it into a MP4. Ideas?” 

As the new Apple TV 4rd generation users, ever thought of putting your Blu-ray collections to Apple TV 4? With the backup Blu-ray ripping on Apple TV 4, you will no longer need to hunt for a movie in hundreds of Blu-rays and then bother to place it in a Blu-ray player and even should consider the region codes of your commercial BDs. Instead, you just sit on the bed and select desired movie with a handy remote control. In this page, we give you the easy solution.

If you also collected some 3D Blu-rays, do you know how to play the 3D Blu-ray movies on the ATV 4? Before you can watch 1080p 3D Blu-ray movies on Apple TV 4, you have to rip and convert the 3D Blu-rays to Apple TV 4 supported video format on Mac OS X El Capitan first. For convenience playback, you can choose to rip 3D Blu-ray to Apple TV 4 supported MP4, MOV, M4V or 3D MP4 format. And in order to play 3D Blu-ray movies on the ATV 4 freely, one easy-to-use Blu-ray ripper that supports handling 3D Blu-rays disc is necessary. 

Here Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac is a nice Mac 3D Blu-ray Converter to help you rip 3D Blu-ray to Apple TV 4 on Mac with no matter excellent MP4, MOV, M4V video or 3D MP4 format at fast speed. With it, you can also easily rip/convert 3D Blu-ray to Apple TV 4 as well as other 3D players like Stereoscopic Player and BenQ W1070 Projector with Side by Side effect in MP4 format. Read review

Free Download: 


Other Download:

- Pavtube old official address:
- Cnet Download:
Step 1. After installing, launch the Blu-ray to iTunes Converter app on your computer. and then press "Load Disc" icon to import 2D/3D Blu-ray movie. Choose "File > Load from ISO/IFO" if you'd like to import Blu-ray ISO image file. 

Step 2. To get acompatible format for iTunes, you can choose HD MP4, M4V and MOV format. If you want to keep 3D effect when ripping 3D Blu-ray, choose the 3D Side-by-Side MP4 format from "3D Video".

Tip: You can click "Settings" to change the setting from the new default HD profile 4000 to 5000~8000 bitrate (Note: bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss). Learn how to set up Apple TV 4 for Dolby Digital 5.1 pass-through.

P.S. The key setting Video Size for your Apple TV 4 is according to your source video exactly. If your source video is in 1080p such as Blu-ray, you can set your video size in 1920*1080 in H.264 codec; while, if your original video size is in standard, 720p in enough. 

Step 3. Transcode MP4 to Apple TV 4 on Mac. Start the 3D Blu-ray to Apple TV 4 conversion on Mac by clicking on the "Start conversion" button at the bottom right corner. After the short conversion, you will be able to get the output files for Apple TV 4 via clicking on "Open" button effortlessly. 

Now you can stream 3D Blu-ray on the new Apple TV 4 for enjoying with high quality. You should know, for streaming media from a Mac, iTunes must be 10.6 or later. And to get 5.1 sorround sound, AV Reciever is necessary.

Stream ripped 3D Blu-ray on Apple TV 4 via AirPlay or iTunes

Via AirPlay:
Firstly, to use AirPlay, you need to prepare one of the following devices: iPhone 4 (or later), iPad, iPad mini, or iPod touch (4th generation or later). Add the ripped 3D Blu-ray movies to iTunes and sync to your iOS device.

Secondly, be sure iOS device and Apple TV are in the same Wi-Fi network; start play the video on your device, and then swipe up from the bottom of your device screen to access Control Center and tap AirPlay; 

Thirdly, tap the name of the device you want to AirPlay to.

Via iTunes:

Firstly, add the ripped 3D Blu-ray videos to iTunes. Then, go to iTunes > Preferences, choose Apple TV, and make sure "Look for Apple TVs" is selected.

Secondly, on your Apple TV, choose Settings > Computers > "Connect to iTunes," and note the passcode displayed; in iTunes, select the Apple TV (below Devices), and enter the passcode.

Thirdly, click the Summary button and select one of "Automatic Sync" and "Custom Sync".

After all the operation, you should be able to play 3D Blu-ray on your Apple TV 4 freely. Just enjoy now!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

iPhone/iPad 4K - Watch Lumix GH4 4K Video on iPhone/iPad

Can Lumix GH4 4K Videos be played on iPhone 6 Plus/6S's 1920 x 1080 screen or iPad Air 2's 2048 x 1536 display? Not really until you convert/compress 4K 2160p content for iPad iPhone into 1080p. 

Hot Search: 4K HD Video on Windows 10 | 4K Video on Mac OS X El Captian | 

The Panasonic Lumix GH4 is the first system camera offering a solid mix of great 4K image quality, ease-of-use, small form factor, and all at a price that's not out of reach for young pros or upstart video makers. It features a 16.05-megapixel Digital Live MOS sensor and a 4-CPU Venus Engine, capable of capturing high-resolution JPEG and RAW stills, as well as UHD 4K 3840x2160 30p/24p and cinematic DCI 4K 4096x2160 video at 24p. 

Many GH4 users have encounter a problem as below: 

“I have a 4k camera (Panasonic Lumix GH4) and have only ever been able to play back through my 4K TV, which is a faff. Is there any way to play 4K videos on iPad Air 2 or iPhone 6? I had tried many different video player apps but none of them worked.” 

Sadly to him, such iOS 9 gadgets has not supported playing Panasonic Lumix GH4 4K Ultra HD (UHD) videos directly by far, since they only have the screen resolutions of 1920 x 1080 and 2048 x 1536, respectively, which are not match for 2160p 4K videos, although iPhone 6 allows users to shoot a whole 4K video. 

Why Lumix GH4 4K UHD Video Cannot Be Played on iPhone iPad?

Before you play 4K videos on iPad or iPhone, you should at first realize the following cruel facts:

iPhone 6 Plus screen resolution: 1920 x 1080
iPad Air 2 screen resolution: 2048 x 1536
4K resolution: 3840×2160 (16:9) or 4096x2160 (17:9)

It is a must to convert 4K UHD videos to iPhone/iPad playable ones. 4K video takes too much space to be stored on the them, say, True 4K film needs more data storage, at least 100 gigabytes. Secondly, image stabilization is an important factor to consider, let alone the high requirement on resolution. Besides, human wouldn't be able to tell 4K apart from 1080p screen due to the pixel density. And the 4K video will have better 1080p or the ability to crop or digitally zoom into a 1080p section. Learn >> How to Compress 4K Video to 1080p

To solve the iPhone/iPad 4K playback problem, all we need is a third-party 4K Video Converter that can convert any 4K video to iPhone/iPad friendly MP4 format. Then apart from shooting crystal clear Ultra HD footage, you can also play Lumix GH4 4K video on the go.

Here Pavtube 4K Video Converter Ultimate is exactly what you want to convert any video to iPhone/iPad while keeping 100% the original 4K video quality. It converts videos ultra fast and supports batch conversion for saving time. The Mac version is 4K Video Converter for Mac

Hot Search: Why Choose Pavtube 4k Converter | Blackmagic Camera 4K VS Panasonic Lumix GH4 | 

Now follow the guide below to learn how to convert Lumix GH4 4K Video to iPhone/iPad playable videos for watching.

1. Download and install Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate to your PC.

2. Drag and drop Lumix GH4 4K videos to the main interface for converting.

3. Click “Format” and select “iPhone 6 Plus H.264 Full Screen/Full HD 1080P(*.mp4)” from “iPhone” option for your iPhone 6 Plus. (Good News! The newest Pavtube Ultimate 4.7.2 adds iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus support now)

Note: You can also Click format list and hover your mouse to “iPad”, here we got two iPad 3/4 presets: one is “HD Video”, the other is “Full HD Video”; the latter output a video with better quality yet larger file size.

Optimize the settings – The default settings may not satisfy you, and you can click the settings button to change the settings by yourself. Keep in mind that the file size and conversion quality is based more on bitrate than resolution (bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss, and vice versa).

4. If you’re happy with the output videos, just press the “Convert” button to begin encoding 4K footage to MP4 for iPhone/iPad.

Once the format compatibility problems have been solved, you can transfer the converted videos to your iPads or iPhone for viewing on the move. Have fun!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Watch ISO files to iPad for enjoying via Seagate Wireless

iPad is a popular iOS device which can be taken as a media player that could store and play various HD movies. The real limitation of these mobile devices is inadequate storage space to carry all of your files. Bring a Seagate Wireless all with you! Got some ISO image files and want to play them on your iPad ( iPad Air, iPad Mini, the new iPad) from Seagate wireless at anywhere you go? If so, you will have to convert ISO to iPad supported file format first via Seagate Wireless since ISO isn't compatible with all iPad models. 

Hot Topics About Apple users: HD video to Apple TV | Audio on Apple Watch | Ringtone for iPhone 6...

As we all know, ISO image is easily burnt to DVD disc and transported through internet. But it’s pity that so far no portable device supports this file, making ISO image poor for portability. So if you want to put ISO file to iPad via Seagate wireless for watching on the move, an ISO to iPad Converter is absolutely indispensible. The Pavtube ByteCopy can help you convert ISO files to iPad compatible MP4 format as well as multiple audio tracks saved for iPad playback. Learn >> Why Choose Pavtube? It equiped with Nvidia CUDA and ATI Stream acceleration technology, supply us fast speed, and then save us much time.  
Built-in various video and audio codecs, this award-winning iPad ISO/IFO Converter is absolutely necessary for every iPad users to watch ISO movies via Seagate wireless unlimitedly. If you are Mac users, the Mac ISO/IFO to iPad Converter is suggested. Now just download the program and follow the easy guide below. 
Now, Just free download and install this Top ISO to iPad Converter


How to Convert ISO to iPad friendly formats via Seagate wireless

Step 1. Run Pavtube ISO to iPad Converter, click the “Load ISO/IFO” button to load your Blu-ray/DVD ISO movie. Of course, it also supports Blu-ray and DVD movies. 

Step 2. Choose audio track and subtitles for output.

On Blu-ray ISO to iPad Air Ripper main UI, set your wanted subtitles and audio track from the drop-down box of “Subtitles” and “Audio” tab. 

Step 3. Choose MP4 as output

The playback devices like iPads, laptops, smart TVs, game consoles, Apple TV, smartphones and tablets that Seagate Wireless can be used with can support playback MP4 video files. So you can target MP4 as output from DVD movies. Click the format bar to follow “HD Video” > “H.264 HD Video (*.mp4).” or you can search any format as you want. Learn>> iPad Air 2 & Mini 3 Supported Formats

Tip. The unique ability that this ISO Converter has is that it can rip both DVD and Blu-ray sources with multiple audio and subtitle tracks, chapter markers preserved. For instance, you can rip DVDs to multi-track MKV for playback with the VLC player.

Step 4. Start ISO to iPad Conversion 

Hit the “Convert” button to start converting ISO movies to MP4 format for free access by Seagate Wireless supported multimedia devices.

Step 5. Upload ISO movies to Seagate Wireless

After finishing converting all of ISO movies, copy and upload the converted ISO to your Seagate Wireless for easier access on iPads or iPhone, Wi-Fi enabled iPads. Please note that there are limitations on the operating system version of the playback devices can be used with Seagate Wireless, Have fun! 
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Play DVD on Apple TV 3, 2, 1 with optimal Frame Rate via Mac

Q: “ Can I play my DVD collections on Apple TV via Mac? What would the optimal Frame Rate be? I know most people say 24 and my friend told me that I need to use a tool which can help me rip DVDs to a suitable format for Apple TV, but I also need to know what the Frame Rate be? Can you tell me what choosing “Original” means and which of these two options would be most true to the source?” 

There is nothing eye catching as enjoying a high definition DVD on Apple TV with family and friends in the comfort of your home. In this guide, we will talking about how to enable the DVD movies playback on Apple TV 3,2,1 with the optimal Frame Rate on Mac Yosemite/Mavericks. As well known that Apple TV supports very few file formats, which include H.264 and MPEG-4 videos meaning DVD cannot work with your Apple TV supported formats. 

Today we are highlighting a DVD ripping program - Pavtube BDMagic for Mac which is working as a swiss army knife in DVD ripping field and handy for backing up your purchased DVD collection and freeing up your movies so that can rip to Apple TV friendly formats and enjoy on a TV in the best possible quality. Read the review. It's pretty simple to use and straightforward, and available on both PC/Mac. the Windows version is  Pavtube BDMagic. Now, download it right now and start enjoying your DVD movies with full HD quality on Apple TV 3,2,1! 

Hot News!!! - (Now, you can get 50% OFF discount after liked our FaceBook.) More Money Saving Tips, you can ClickSpecial Offer
Rip DVD on Apple TV 3, 2, 1 with optimal Frame Rate via Mac 

Step 1. Load DVD movie

Run the DVD to Apple TV ripper on Mac and click "File" > "Load from disc" to import the DVD movie. you can pick preferred subtitle and audio track for output after importing the DVD.

Step 2. Choose output format

To view DVD via Apple TV, next you need to choose an output video format. This smart program provides the video presets for Apple TV, Apple TV 2 and the Apple TV 3. What does that mean? That means you can convert DVDs to videos with optimized settings for different Apple TVs and you don’t need to worry about the incompatibility anymore!

A: Click on the drop-down menu of “Format” and then move your pointer to Apple TV > Apple TV 3 Dolby Digital Pass-through (*.m4v) that is the best format for your ATV 3.
B: For Apple TV 2 users, please select the Apple TV 2 Dolby Digital Pass-through (*.m4v).
C: For Apple TV users, Apple TV H.264 1280×720(*.m4v) will be better to keep the videos in HD. 

Tip: If the default settings do not fit your requirement, you can click “Settings” icon to enter “Profile Settings” panel to adjust video size, bitrate, frame rate and audio channels. Here, you may do not change to “24”, just keep the “Original” as the best optimal Frame Rate. 

Step 3. Rip DVD to M4V for Apple TV

Hit the "Convert" button to start ripping DVD movie to Apple TV with both Dolby Digital 5.1 and AAC stereo preserved. After the DVD conversion finished, you can stream ripped DVD to Apple TV from Mac to Apple TV via HDMI cable, iCloud in iTunes, or Air Playit

Now, you can enjoy the DVD to Apple TV 3, Apple TV 2 and Apple TV etc from Mac with the best optimal Frame Rate. 

Note: With Pavtube BDMagic for Mac, you can also rip/convert 3D Blu-ray to Apple TV as well as other 3D players like Stereoscopic Player and BenQ W1070 Projector with Side by Side effect in MP4 format. Refer to the guide

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Can the iPad Air 2 play 720p or 1080p MKV files on Mac natively?

Summary: Chances are you need an effective way to play 1080p, 720p MKV files on iPad Air 2 by converting MKV to iPad supported video formats.  
With 9.7-inch low reflectivity Retina screen, iPad Air 2 is a great tablet which allows you to enjoy the vivid images beyond the limits of your eyes. <Review: Apple Leaks the New iPad Air 2 >. 

Adding MKV movies to iPad Air 2

After you got the iPad Air 2 tablet, you may want to copy some 1080p or 720p Videos to iPad Air 2 for watching. But how to watch 1080p and 720p HD videos like MKV, WMV and AVI on iPad Air 2 smoothly and make them perfectly match the premium screen of iPad Air 2? Here, check out this top iMedia Converter for Mac and convert 1080p/720p MKV movies to your iPad Air 2 with supported format

Tip: For Windows users, Pavtube offers freeware MKV to iPad Air 2 Converter to convert MKV to iPad Air in lossless quality. 

Steps on: How to Play 1080p/720p MKV movies on iPad Air 2 on Mac with perfect quality 
Step 1: Import 1080p, 720p MKV 

Run the iPad Air 2 MKV Converter for Mac. Click "Add File" to load one or multiple .mkv file(s) into the program. Besides MKV, you can also load FLV, AVI, WMV, VOB, TiVo, MPG, MOV, etc.  

MKV to iPad Air 2 Converter

Note: You can also use this iMedia Converter for Mac to help you rip Blu-ray/DVD or ISO files to iPad Air 2. Enjoy it! 
Step 2: Choose the right file format for iPad Air 2 

Click “Format” bar, you can get the optimized videos for iPad Air under iPad > iPad Air HD Video(*.mp4). To get 1080p video quality, just choose iPad>iPad Air Full HD Video(*.mp4). 

best file format for iPad Air 2

Tip: If you like, you can click “Settings” to change the video encoder, resolution, frame rate, etc. as you wish. 
best settings for iPad Air 2

What’s point? The supported resolution of iPad Air goes up to 1080p, though video playback and most apps never break out of 720p. For watching videos on iPad Air, 720p with 1500~2500kbps is just all right. I found bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss, and vice versa. 
Step 3: Start 1080p/720p MKV Videos to iPad Air 2 Conversion 
Tap the Conversion button, it will start 720p/1080p videos to MP4 conversion for iPad Air 2 on Mac immediately. Click “Open” to find the result MP4 videos after the conversion and transfer them to your device with ease. 

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