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Roku 4 vs Fire TV (2015): Best Box for Streaming 4K movie to 4K TV

When you get a 4K TV, you may want a 4K streamer, even though there's not a lot of 4K content available at such a high frame rate. As the leader of 4K streamers, Roku and Amazon both launched 4K media streamers last year, letting users watch higher-resolution video without having to rely on the often-clunky interface of a smart TV.

Unfortunately, we can't both after all. So which one will be the best 4K streamer for 4K TV? How can we choose the most suitable box for streaming 4K movies to 4K TV? It is sure that some differences will help make the buying decision a bit easier: different prices ($100 for the new Fire TV, $130 for the Roku 4), different shapes and sizes, varying levels of 4K app support. But the Roku 4 and second-gen Amazon Fire TV still have little in common, which can make us confused which one should choose. Read on for our guide to choosing the right 4K media streamer.

What’s the deal with 4K?

The new all-singing Roku 4 boasts 4K Ultra HD streaming, the same as the new Fire TV box, but it also supports frame rates of up to 60 frames per second (fps), double what Amazon's new streaming box can muster. While that's impressive, it's something of a moot point right now. While most 4K TV sets these days come with an HDMI 2.0 port (which supports 4K up to 60fps) there aren't any providers besides YouTube out there that are currently offering 4K content at such a high frame rate. Netflix and Amazon's own 4K content is currently delivered at 24fps, so there's not a massive advantage to plumping for the Roku 4, at least not from day one.
On the other hand, you'll find more to enjoy with the Roku 4. Right now, Amazon's Fire TV only supports 4K video from Netflix and Amazon, and the company isn't even allowing 4K playback in third-party apps. The way Fire TV handles 4K playback might be to blame. Instead of outputting in 2160p all the time, the Fire TV runs at 1080p, then switches to 2160p output when playback begins. The process feels a bit clumsy, and as AFTVNews speculates, Amazon may want to be careful about opening it up to any app.
Whatever the reason, the result is a much wider 4K app lineup with the Roku 4, which always outputs in 2160p (with an upscaled 1080p interface in apps and menus). In addition to Netflix and Amazon, users can buy or rent 4K videos from Vudu, M-Go, and UltraFlix. Plex can serve up 4K videos from a networked storage device, and YouTube's vast 4K video library is available for free. Smithsonian Earth offers subscription nature videos in 4K format, and you'll even get higher-resolution images in the photo apps Flickr and 500px.
You can see a side-by-side comparison of Roku 4 and Fire TV (2015) in spec, features and apps below:

Fire TV (2015)

Roku 4

Quad-core, 64-bit
Quad-core, 32-bit
2 GB
1.5 GB
User Storage2
8 GB
Not advertised
Ethernet Performance3
Wi-Fi Performance3
3x (802.11ac)
3x (802.11ac)
HDMI 1.4
HDMI 2.0
MicroSD Card Slot
USB 3.0 Ports for
1 USB 2.0
1 USB 2.0
Game Controller (included)
HDMI Cable (included)
4K 30 Ultra HD & 1080p
4K 60 Ultra HD & 1080p
Voice Search
Voice Commands
Cross-App Search
Cast to your TV
Mobile Compatibility
Android & iOS
Private Listening4
Console-Class Games5
Stream Games from PC
Cloud Gaming
4K Ultra HD & 1080p
4K Ultra HD & 1080p
4K 30 Ultra HD & 1080p
4K 60 Ultra HD & 1080p
Hulu Plus
Sling TV
Amazon Instant Video
Google Play Movies
Google Play Music
PBS & PBS Kids
Kodi (XBMC)

Which 4K Box You should Choose?

If you want higher resolution and frame rate, Roku 4 will give you more ways to enjoy them.On the other hand, The Fire TV (2015)doesn’t have as much 4K content—or as deep of an app catalog in general—but it’s a better box overall for people who plan to consume a lot of Amazon Prime video. And given that 4K is built into the $99 product, you can dabble in the higher-res format without having to spend even more on hardware (those 4K TVs aren't cheap).

Related Software Recommended to Help You Enjoy 4K on Roku 4 & Fire TV (2015)

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