Monday, August 1, 2016

Why You Should Use DVD Copy Software?

Before we get into why you would want to have a DVD copy of your favorite DVDs, let's consider the basics first. DVDs perform two essential tasks: they store recorded information and play back information. Some can do both; some can only do one or the other. Anyone who has ever owned or rented a DVD - whether it was a movie, computer software or personally recorded video has come across a disc that has been scratched or broken. It seems to go with the territory. 

In today's day and age (we are in the Information Age, in case you hadn t heard), we have a number of devices that have the capability of recording video, such as smartphones, digital cameras and even most standard cell phones. 

Although they are not the latest and greatest communication media available to us today, DVDs can be expensive to buy or replace. In some cases, like with certain movies, music videos or home movies, the information recorded on these DVDs is irreplaceable. 
Let's step back for just a second. The simple, basic reason that CD and DVD copy software was created is to fulfill our continually expanding requirements for storing data. Not only do we need something on which to store our media and information, but we also need it to be portable, compact and high quality. 

Another advantage of DVD copy software is that  
Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate  allows you to duplicate homemade DVDs. This is useful if you have created a disc of personal memories such as a wedding, school play or sporting event. These programs allow you to burn as many copies as you wish to share with friends and family. This is also valuable for certain types of professionals, like actors, filmmakers and musicians. You can use the  Mac software to burn demo reels to share with agents, producers and other potential employers. Reviews.

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The CD, DVD and their attendant burners came along and, the information storage void was filled. Since their initial release and subsequent evolution, CD and DVD copy burners have become so prevalent and popular that it is often taken for granted that they come standard with brand new personal computers. 

You might have to do a little detective work to find it and the directions on how to use it, but it is well worth the time and energy. 

Step 1. Load DVDs. 

It dose not only support loading both DVD disc, but also support DVD folder, DVD ISO, DVD folder and DVD IFO/ISO files. 

It seems during the importing, the disc would be decrypted already. 


Step 2. Choose H.264 MP4 format. 

Click the "Format" drop-down list and choose HD Video>H.264 HD Video(*.mp4). Or we can enter "H.264 MP4" in the small search box to quick locate matched presets. We can also choose presets like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and Windows 8 RT/Pro phoneS/tabletS, etc. for particularly using. 


Step 3. Adjust target video specs (Optional) 

Click "Settings" as bellow to check the source/target video size, bitrate, frame rate and other settings in one go, you will be able to know the target video size with different bitrate settings immediately. 


Step 4. Start converting DVD to H.264 MP4. 

Now hit the big red "convert" to start the conversion. Wait for moments, we can hit "Open" or "Open output folder" to quick locate the converted video. 


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