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Jurassic Park 3D sets a new standard for post-production 3D

Jurassic Park was a great film and everyone around me seemed to agree; It ushered in a new era of cinema technology that melded the greatest aspects of stop-motion and animatronics with CGI breakthroughs in their infant stages. soon taking out the number one spot on Hollywood's highest grossing motion pictures. 20 years later, Jurassic Park returned to its rightful domain - the new Jurassic Park 3D Blu-ray disc is comming. 

Jurassic Park 3D

Jurassic Park 3D cover

When considering what makes good or bad 3D movie subjects, we learned from Predator 3D, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Friday the 13th III in 3D that nothing beats Mother Nature when you’re watching 3D.  The context of setting a film in the natural world, highlighting the detail of trees and grass and, in the case of Jurassic Park a forest nestled among waterfalls in real-life Hawaii, is the best environment to judge 3D on your home 3D system. 

The next best context for 3D to appear is probably the genre of horror.  Monsters, like Jurassic Park’s T-Rex and raptors, and “jumps” and startling sequences are the stuff of classic 3D movies.  There must be a reason why so many of the best 3D films are horror films.  We forget about Jurassic Park when we think of films to insert into the Blu-ray player during Halloween season.  Yet, Jurassic Park is perfect for those wary of slasher flicks and excessive gore, and those that want something with real suspense and amusement park style fun.

Jurassic Park 3D

Jurassic Park helicopter landing 

Key scenes in Jurassic Park 3D that appear created for 3D include the helicopter ride and descent in front of the waterfall at the beginning of the film, the first appearance of the T-Rex including the Rex pressing its nose down on the window as its busts into the SUV, the falling of the SUV with the boy in the tree, Ian Malcolm and Ellie’s escape from the T-Rex with the game warden (objects in mirror are closer than they appear, indeed), and, as you’d expect, the famous raptor kitchen attack.

Jurassic Park 3D blu-ray movie review

Even if you’ve seen Jurassic Park dozens of times, you will experience it differently and in a fresh way with this new 3D Blu-ray release.  The characters, Michael Crichton’s innovative story, and the technology are hardly dated.  The film quality has lost nothing to time.  And Spielberg’s artistry as a visionary painter on film shines through like never before.

Jurassic Park 3D blu-ray movie review

This 3D conversion, I think, actually is a well-deserved 3D presentation that makes some very impressible but for the most part subtle use of the 3D. There are some moments though where I never imagined being so frightening such as just 4 minutes in when a raptor attacks some of the staff members trying to transport it into a cage. You can only imagine how intense the scenes involving the T-Rex and raptors are later in the film. Let’s just say it’s impressive and a very solid 3D presentation that is worthy of a “4 Star Rating” for overall 3D quality. 

Now, trying to get this new 3D Blu-ray disc and transcode the fantastic 3D Blu-ray on Android Tablet/Smartphone. Have fun! 

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